We just won the Long Island Blues Society’s competition of who is the bluesiest, so now we get to go to Memphis in January 2015.

We here at Sixteen Tons think that’s just great.

You can see some video of our performance and find a link to audio of all of it on our Facebook page, which you should go “like”, because that is a thing we all do now. Also, it will allow you to track our whereabouts which isn’t creepy at all, not one bit.

The rest of our site is a bit of a shitshow. Best to ignore it.



The guys up there are Sixteen Tons. We’ve been doing this thing as a group for about 13  years all over Long Island, NY where we are from.

We write and play songs of the bluesy, countrified, rock n’ rolling kind. Mostly about drinking, fighting and f**king up, but sometimes we get a little serious if you listen close enough. Not that often. We keep things simple, but not unsophisticated. Read more...